Stoneburner Companies is a residential real estate development company based in Naples, FL.  It specializes in the acquisition and development of a variety of property classes in Southeastern United States, with the bulk of it’s projects focused in the State of Florida.

Stoneburner Companies has a track record of expertise in the development, ownership and management of almost every property type. The company has success with retail centers, office buildings, multi-family residential communities, and land. This provides us a distinct competitive advantage in working with large, multiuse, complicated, mixed-use projects.

  • Innovative and adaptive to market conditions
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record
  • A full range of development services from the initial land acquisition to ongoing property management.
  • Closely monitors market trends and responds quickly, developing projects that improve the efficiencies of our tenant’s operations and create long-term value in our portfolio.
  • Will continue to expand our portfolio by developing quality real estate projects that create value to our tenants and partners, contribute positively to our communities, and reinforce our objective of long-term ownership with maximum economic return.
  • Company provides a full vertical integration of development services – from land acquisition to on-going property management
  • High tenant retention rates
  • Experienced industry leaders who are proven professionals, dedicated to excellence with every endeavor

The Executive Team at Stoneburner Companies formed Stoney Capital Partners I (SCPI), a private equity fund that is focused on acquiring distressed or value add real estate.  The fund will also acquire land for the development of hotel resorts and casinos in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  SCPI will place it’s funds over the next three years.