Stoneburner Development Corp. (S.D.C.)

Stoneburner Development Corp. functions as both the pre-development and and physical development subsidiary that facilitates the analytical, entitlement and construction management services. With over 30 years of experience developing projects throughout Florida S.D.C. is very adept at expeditiously traversing through the numerous hurdles in the path of a projects completion. An example of some of the services provided by S.D.C. would be:

1. Market Feasibility Studies
2. Environmental Studies
3. Entitlements and Zoning
4. Architectural and Engineering coordination
5. Value engineering
6. Bid negotiations
7. Permitting
8. Construction management
9. Lender coordination
10. Construction punch out and C.O.
11. Closings
12. Condominium turnover

With the inherent unpredictability existing in the current economy and local real estate market it is imperative to have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully bring a real estate project from inception to completion.